Robert Palmese
Marathon Swimmer

R O B 3

Dan Simonelli
Robert has officially announced his intentions to attempt a triple crossing of the Catalina Channel in Southern California in the summer of 2016. With many significant landmarks, this swim will be a channel first and personal first.
Robert is a full time student at San Diego Mesa College where he swims and plays water polo competitively. After four years active duty in the Navy, Robert had his work cut out for him in the 2015 season. Robert placed first at the PCAC championships in the Mile, 3rd in the 400IM, 5th in the 500 Free, swimming personal best times after 4 years out of the water with just over 3 months of training.
"Coach Resch at Mesa College was a huge part of my success
in the pool and the ocean. He didn't even know about my
plans to do the channel swim until just before the end of the
season. With just a couple months left for training, he was onboard right away."
Robert will continue training through the 2016 spring semester with Coach Resch, as well as Coach Fegan of the Mesa College womans swim team. Robert is excited about an intense new training regimen.
"This should be cool. I'm not eligible to compete anymore
but luckily I am able to still practice with the team. It's nice
to spend time with an awesome and supportive team! I can't wait to spend another season in the pool with them and see them crush it this season."
Robert has yet to do a double crossing but with confidence has decided a claim to the first triple would suffice. The Catalina Channel was first swam in 1927 and has been on the world map of marathon swimmers since. It is included in the Triple Crown of open water swimming and is known as the sister channel of the English Channel.
An official start date of August 11th has been picked. Robert has chosen a verteran pilot of the channel who has helped with finding the optimum dates for weather conditions and sea state.
"I am really excited about this swim. After wanting to do something to put myself on the map, I woke up one day, sent a few emails confirmed it has never been done and immediately began contacting pilot boats. The federation confirmed it had never been done and I was in the books for a triple crossing the same day."
Robert trains out of La Jolla, California with the La Jolla Cove Swim Club. He has great support from club members and always find himself in the water with new people.
"The club is great. A lot of awesome people who have all done incredible things in their own respects. It's a really cool feeling to see people who have done so much, give me their support."
Robert plans on representing the club as best he can in the triple attempt and bring the title home to the La Jolla Cove!
This swim, if completed will be Roberts first double ,first triple and the channel's first triple. Excitement is suspended in the air as the final touches come together to make the swim happen. Training, fundraising, and planning will all be a major role in the success of this swim and Robert looks forward to seeing it all coming together.

Training Off Shore La Jolla, CA

At the 2015 Catalina Channel Swimming Federation banquet, Robert officially announces he will be attempting a triple crossing in 2016 . He also thanks everyone that helped and inspired the journey through his first solo channel.
2015 Solo was in honor of Emily Noelle Nichols and raised funds toward the Cystic Fibrosis foundation.

2015 Catalina Channel Solos

Congrats to all of the 2015 successful solos!
See ya out there!